Day Three

Day three was spent walking around Tokyo, and when I say  walking, I mean walking.
In the evening it was time for one of the highlites of my trip: The Mail List Chanko Dinner at Terao's
restaurant in Ryogoku, under the auspices of Rob Hoey. The restaurant is owned by
Terao's brother, (not Sakahoko, I mean the other brother who was in the lower ranks).
We had a great time, getting to know each other and talking about everything from
 Sumo to early 16th century Origami masters. Here then, are the stars of the dinner:


A splendid time was had by all
Right to left: (counter-clockwise, if you will..)
Donald Wilson (Donaldnodebu), Stewart Nelson, the one and only Doreen Simmons,
Bob Reimer ( Kofuji) and wife Barbara, standing is Yasuko Otomo, (Donald's better half),
 Ray Michel (Bakanonada), some bald guy that came along for the free beer,
the masterful Rob Hoey, Michael Levitt, Kenji Tierney, and Shane Booth (Okimura).

We had three different kinds of Chanko: Water-based, miso -based and everyone's
favorite, soya-based. They were all reaally good!! All in all- a splendid time was had by all.
 When we left, we were all presented with an Aki-Basho Banzuke.

Day 4

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